Route, Parking, & Tour Buses


Follow California State Highway 16

The festival spans a beautiful 21 mile stretch of the famous Capay Valley. Take in the gorgeous almond blossoms as you sip, sample, and shop your way through the Almond Festival. 

Madison- last chance for gas

Esparto- Main Stage with entertainment, food, shopping and more

Capay- Road Trip Bar & Grill for good food and good music

Brooks- Seka Hills offers a lovely place to stop, eat, and party

Guinda- home of the famous almond rocca and oysters

Rumsey- Great bands and wonderful grilled food



The red lines indicate good options for Parking at the Almond Festival in Esparto within walking distance to the main stage in Central Park! 


Tour Buses

Tour Buses may be available leaving from Esparto and Brooks. 

Download A Map

Click the link below to download the latest map with festival details at each township.